A bit about me and why I decided to set up my own business

Back on May 31st, 2012 my life changed forever, I became a mum of a beautiful baby boy. However, my start of being a mum wasn’t as straight forward as I expected, my baby boy was premature. Things could have been so different, and I was so grateful for the Midwife and hospital care, we had a short stay that felt like forever, but all was good, and we were allowed home. It’s funny how a life experience like this changes your perspective on life. I so wish I could have captured how tiny my baby boy’s hands and feet were, but I was so sick with worry that it didn’t even occur to me that I could of got them casted. Time went on 4 yrs. to be precise and I gave birth to my second child a baby girl, all was good this time thank goodness. During my maternity leave I had a light bulb moment, it was such a strong feeling that I knew I had to do something about it. I always knew I wanted to start my own business but in what? I have two children I work part time as a nurse, I have always been creative and then it struck me like lightning I could set up my own business doing 3d life casting. I was straight on google looking up 3d baby casting training, I researched to buy into a franchise but decided I wanted to put my own stamp on things, so I booked my own training with precious memories and so the journey began. Reminisce castings was born!! I spent ages thinking of the name, I wanted something original something that wasn’t being used, true people find it difficult to spell but its unique and I feel the meaning “indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events” is hopefully what people will do when they look at there casting on the wall 20yrs down the line when there tiny baby is not so tiny anymore and is all grown up. My children are now nearly 6&2 and I feel I want to pause life, but can’t obviously, but at least I have a beautiful collection of samples which are mostly of their hands and feet. I guess what I have learnt from this chapter in my life is that go for it, don’t stand back and dream, live you dreams and follow those light bulb moments. Reminisce Castings is only one year old, I have learnt loads and still have loads to learn but hopefully it will continue to thrive and carry on creating those lovely memories for you all.