3D Casting FAQs


Please do not attend your appointment if you or any of your household feel unwell. This includes a new persistent cough, high temp or loss of taste or smell. Please can I ask that you wear your mask for the entire appointment, your child obviously does not need to wear one. I will provide hand sanitizer for you to use upon arrival and departure.

What is 3d life casting?

3d life casting is where you take a mould of your hand or foot using a special mixture called Alginate. It captures all the detail as it sets very quickly. Once it is set, the hand or foot is removed and then I pour in plaster. This sets to leave an exact replica of your hand or foot.

How long does a casting take?

Depending on the type of mould that is been taken and how many, it can take up to an hour, but normally the process is quite quick.

Is 3d casting safe for my newborn baby?

The alginate is the same stuff dentists use in mouths to take moulds of your teeth. It is entirely safe to go on your baby’s skin.

Does my baby have to keep still?

No they don’t, the mould sets quickly and it will take an impression at that moment in time. It is advisable to feed them before if very newborn, or during so they are nice and calm when having it done. If your child really does not want it done on the day, we can reschedule for another time.

Is casting messy?

Yes it can be and if the alginate gets on your clothes it does not come out very easily so don’t wear your best clothes. I will provide a towel or apron if needed.

Can I wear my rings for a hand clasp?

It’s entirely up to you, but if having a hand clasp it does add to the detail and looks beautiful when painted and finished. However, I can’t be responsible for loss of stones or damage to jewellery and you will be asked to read and sign a waiver form. The alginate tends to get stuck in the small spaces of the ring - this can be cleaned away with a brush.

Can I have multiple casts made from the same mould?

Unfortunately not, you can only get one cast from one mould.

Can I have a photo of my baby in the frame?

Yes you can have a photo in the same frame, just request it when ordering.

Do you offer photography?

I work in partnership with Bernadette, a local photographer who offers great packages, please ask me for her details.

Do I do pets?

Yes I do pets, so just request this on booking.

What is loving memory?

When a loved one dies they remain forever in our hearts and memories. However these memories become blurred over time, so how lovely would it to be to have keepsake of your loved one to remember them by? Please request on booking and I would be happy to take a cast of your loved one.

How long does it take to be ready for collection?

Each piece is different, but allow 2-3 weeks until ready for collection. Around peak times, such as Christmas, this might be longer.

How can I pay?

We accept cash or BACS transfer, please ask me for account details.